Saturday, 19 November 2016

Church Leaders: Working for God or Workers of iniquity? Part 1

  • Reasons Why You Must Be Very Careful of Church Leaders and Miracles Workers In This End Time.

Have you ever tried to figure out the main reason(s) why any one who calls himself (in this articles masculine gender "he, himself" is used for easy reading but it applies to both genders) a 'man of God' today struggles very hard to make sure he performs mirracles? I mean the pastors or church leaders.

The following are their three major aim and objectives.

1. To convince the masses that he is a true man of God, anoited, called or chosen by God to do his work.

2. To attract prospective followers who will be convinced on his calling.

3. To become wealthy. Either you take it or not, that is the ultimate reason why many of the men of God globaly today are doing all they can to perform signs and wonders.

While it is true that they are achieving this goals well arranged to accomplish their aim. However, it is a lie that because one performs mirracles proves he is called and chosen by God to work for him, and thus a true follower of Christ.

Before I continue..

Let me tell you first that am a Christian. May be you are wondering if I am. Am a believer and also an ardent bible student.

I think the time is now come to expose and to warn. To inform and to sting. To free from spiritual bondage those whose heart are detesting on the disgusting, unscriptural and Demonic operations through our so-called Christian Church leaders around the globe.

  I don't claim that this is a new revelation, though it might be new to you. But the scriptures have done the exposure long ago. Am only here to echo it and share it in a way that you as a Church member can easily see what is going on in Churches today, and even in your denomination, so it may be that those having ears may  hear what the spirit of the LORD had warned, for our own salvation.

The following biblical explainations are the reasons why you have to be careful of the so-called men of God in this end times, including that your pastor.

 We start right from the last number to the first.

#10. "The man of sin"  "the false prophets" and "workers of iniquity" is our church leaders.

If this is true, of what better reason is there to be very careful of our church leaders and those performing mirracle, signs and wonders in this end time?

This is true!

There is strong irrefutable biblical evidences to prove that the above names applies to the same group of people in our Christian Churches in this end time.

The problem is this:

For centuries now, and till date, Christians including the leaders themselves have explained away the true meaning of the name the man of perdition or the man of sin found in brother Paul's prophesy regarding the end time found in 2 Thesselonians chapter 2.

We have consistently refer this man to be a so-called future monster, one man Antichrist who will come to give a literal 666 mark on people's faces and hands.

This is a gross mistake we have been making and wrong explaination we have  been giving. This mistaking view of who the Antichrist is have lead us to believe that the coming of the 'man of sin' and the 'Antichrist' is still in future and have blinded our minds to the real identity of this man. Thus, we have fail to note that this so-called man, this group of people is operating today.

This view have to be corrected and the  bull taken by  horn, and very fast as we are now deeper into the foretold end time.

Listen. While the man of perdition  can be refereed also as an Antichrist, but the term Antichrist is not limited. There is nothing like the Antichrist as in, one person or

Also 666 is not the same with the man of perdition. While 666 is political, the man of sin is religious, while either or both of the empires or even an individual can constitute an ati-christ (1 John 2v18, 22)

When compared, the scripture is plain on the identity of the three names above as refering to the same group of people, our Church leaders. Let us see.

i. The identity of the "man of sin".

Compare 2thesselonian 2:3,4 to Mathew 23:2, 6-10.

The scriptures above are all prophecies of what will occur in this end times.
Though many agrees that we are now in end times yet they fail to come to terms with how these prophecies are fulfilling today.

In his prophesy, brother Paul tells us that a man he called "man of sin" will arise in Christianity and deceive many and this will occur during the end times but before the coming of Christ. He warned;

''that man of sin...who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshiped. So that he as God sitteth in the temple of God showing himself to be God''- 2 Thess. 2:3,4 (kjv)

Who is this man? To help us identify this man, compare Paul's warning to that earlier warned by Jesus Christ.

''the scribes and the pharisees ( Jewish religious leaders) sit in Moses' seat..
and love the uppermost room at feast and chief seats in the synagogues (church) And greetings in the markets (public) and to be called of men ( both men revered or prominent but not a church leader) Rabbi, Rabbi''- Math. 23;2, 6-10 (kjv)

Verses 8 & 9 of Mathew 23 (please read it before you go on) went on to show  how this religious leaders today though ''sitteth in the temple of God'' i.e claiming to be men representing God. The men of God, yet at the same time making themselves God l.

How? By making themselves the object of worship to the church members.

Our church leaders do this by publicly without shame, bearing titles that in a religious settings only applies to the Creator and Jesus.
By calling themselves titles like: Father, Reverend, Most reverend, Dadi, leader, teacher or pastor.

Other titles are Pope, Bishop. Some later ones have even started titling themselves with 'apostle, Evangelist e.t.c this fulfills  prophecy and have lead to Clergy-Laity class. (the clergy exulted and different from the members of the church)

While Jesus said the 'one greatest among you should be your servant', and he also said 'what you all are brothers", but the opposite is the case today- Mathw 23:8, 11.

By going against Jesus clear  warning about the pitfall of giving religious titles,  The men of Gods today, now view and exalt themselves as the spiritual leader
of Christian faith. Some (popes) going as far to claim infallibility (perfection) in decisions and teaching.

As you can note, reading and comparing the above two scriptures have irrefutably identify the 'man of sin.

The same thing we read in Mathew account that the religious leaders of Jesus time were doing that prompted Jesus to warn his disciples not to do is exactly what the 'man of sin' will do.

This proved that after the apostolic era,  Christian leaders deviated and till date never returned. Both history confirms this. No wonder 2Thesselonians 2v3 called it ''the falling away'' or ''apostasy''.

For example;

Mathew account says that the scribes and pharisees  exalt themselves as leaders (seat on Moses seat)
The man of sin is said to exalt himself also.

The pharisees and scribes like to be called by title Rabbi, even other men though prominent and wealthy but not a religious leader have to also call the religious leaders, 'Rabbi'.

Similarly, the man of sin exalt himself even over ''all that is call God'' or revered. That is, other prominent people in society who are also respected, yet this so-called gods have to still pay homage to the religious leaders.

This can be seen in our Churches today. No matter who you are, a politician or wealthy members of the church you must still  revere the Church leaders, you must still kneel for them, call them their self proclaimed and exaltic titles, 'pastor this', 'reverend that' 'and so on and on.

The scribes and pharisees "seats in the synagogue" claiming to serve God's purpose.
The man of sin also 'sit in the temple of house of God" claiming to be men of God serving his purpose.

The Scribes and the pharisees like greatings in public places and always have their special seats in the synagogue.

The man of sin publicly without any regard to God and Christ, claim and uses titles that belongs only to God and Christ religiously.

Aren't our Church leaders putting on special cloths that you can easily recognize who is exalted above others once you enter a church? or can you as a member of the church sit where the pastors seat?

Who will dare argue against the scripture?

As you can see, the charateristics of this so called man of sin fits into the charateristics of our Church leaders today  and we shouldn't be supprise, after all this was the same chereteristics of the religious leaders in Jesus' time.

 Thus, the "man of sin" is our church leaders in this end times.

''Man" is here used in a collective sense.

Are you that blind? Aren't you seeing all this things going on in your Church and in Christendom?

In part II of this series, we will see how the bible have made it plain who the ''false prophets" are.

A farther comparison of another scriptures will make it more clearer to understand that the man of sin is the same group of people Jesus referred to as the "false prophets", that is our Church leaders today.