Sunday, 1 January 2017

Working For God or Workers of Iniquity? Part III

Reasons Why You Must Be Careful of Church Leaders and Those Performing Signs and Wonders Today.

This is the part III in the series article titled "Working for God or Workers of Iniquity?"  Each part begins with the question bellow;

Have you ever tried to understand the main reason(s) why any  who calls himself (in this articles masculine gender "he, himself" is used for easy reading but it applies to both genders) a 'man of God' today struggles very hard to make sure he performs mirracles?

The following are their three major aim and objectives.

1. To convince the masses that he is a true man of God, anoited, called or chosen by God to do his work.

2. To attract prospective followers who is convinced on his calling.

3. To become wealthy. Either you take it or not, that is the ultimate reason why many of the men of God globaly today are doing all they can to perform signs and wonders.

While it is true that they are achieving this goals well arranged to accomplish their aim. However, it is a lie that because one performs mirracles proves he is called and chosen by God to work for him, and thus a true follower of Christ.

This brings us to a very important question;

Is Mirracle A Fruit (sign) To Know or Identify True Christianity During End Times?

There is no two ways about it, in Nigeria and around the world today, the majority of people will rather prefer to be part of a denomination that the pastor performs mirracles (mirracle as used in this article includes prophesying, speaking in tongues and others) or at least claim to do so.

Just as Jesus stated;

"an evil and adulterous generation seeketh a sign"-Mathw 12:39.

The majority of our Church leaders today, both penticostal and new generational Churches all are seeking to perform signs.

the pharisees and Sadusees demanded for a mireacle
Thus, the Christians in verious Churches today, have become like the Pharisees and Saducees who demmanded a mirracle from Jesus before they could believe him as the son of God- Mathw 12:38.

Jesus knew that mirracle is a poor method to proving his identity and becsuse he had no selfish interest (to get rich), he refused to yield to their demand.

Unlike Jesus, the so-called men of God today exploits and misleads the majority of so-called Christians today by performing signs and wonders, of which their ultimate goal is to attract more members and become rich through them.

By performing or at least claiming to do so, they seek to convince people that they are working for God, called and sent by God.

However, it shouldn't supprise you to know that this people aren't working for God rather they are as Jesus will latter identify them as "workers of iniquity". Not even one among the so-called mirracle performers in this end times are working for God. In this end times, mirracle or signs and wonders is a sign to identify not true Christianity but the imitation Christianity.-Mathw 24:3, 24-26.

'mirracle is a poor method to identifying the true followers of Christ in this end 

I know the question that may be ringing in your mind as you read this. 'If mirracle is not a fruit to know who the real followers of Christ are today, what then is the major fruit they produce that can be used to identify them in this end times?'

Before looking at what the bible says about that, think about this first;

Why Are We Deceived?

Why are the majority of people who called themselves Christians today deveived into believing that the mirracles or signs and wonders being performed by the so-called men of God today is from God and that it is his will, despite the strong warnings in the bible about mirracles or signs and wonders proclaimers?

If you are convinced so strongly that God still uses men to do signs and wonders in this end times, like divine healing of physical illness, raising the dead, foretelling the future, divine prophesies, speaking in tongues, divine dreams and explaining dreams etc.

If you do, then this will warrant you to believing in that your man of God. Surely that is the reason you are convinced that even if some men of God doing such mirracles are false, but their is still some that their mirracles is from God. Is that not?

Now ask yourself;

Could I be one of those the bible called " them that perish" and it adds "because they received not the love of the truth" and that "God shall send a strong delusion that they should believe a lie"?-2 Thess. 2:10,11.

Look at the phrase "strong delusion". That is to say that the measure of your strong conviction in todays mirracles, pastors are performing should tell you the measure of the 'strong delusion' God have sent to you, because you love lies than the truth.

Why that conclusion?

Remember that the warning in 2Thesselonians cited above, was giving by Paul when he was revealing the identity of the "man of iniquity" (see part I and II) and those who will believe his signs and wonders.

Are you perhaps one of them? Could it be you have been deceived all this while?

If you don't think so yet you strongly believes that God still use humans to do divine mirracles in this end times, and you still strongly believes in the so-called men of God proclaiming signs and wonders today, then am sory to say; you are deceiving yourself upon being deceived, that is the 'strongest delusion'. -2  Thess. 2:10,11.

Let me echo again the warning from our lord the Christ when warning his followers about this so-called men of God. He said;

"look I have warned you".-Mathw. 24:25.

In part IV of this series, I will answer the question I earlier raised that is in your mind. That is, if mirracle is not a fruit to identify real followers of Christ today, what then is the major fruit?

This and other issues relating to this matter we will examine in part IV.