Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Hypnosis: Should A Christian Practice It?

The Day And The Night Veraion

Listening to hypnosis message

According to the claim of the so-called hypnosis cassettes makers, 'one side of the cassettes contains the day version and the other side, the night version. The day version contain music composed for your particular problem and should be played often', says the manufacturers, 'even when a person is not consciously listening', why? "it purpose is to make the mind more receptive to the message of the night version" claims the makers.

The night version, it is suggested, should be played only when one can relax, preferably while retiring at night. After a short time, the voice of a hypnotist will lull you into a deep sleep. Your subconscious mind never sleeps, says one advertisement, so it will be receptive to his message even while you are asleep.

However, contrary to the above claim, Alan Baddeley, director of The British Medical Research Council's Applied Unit in Cambridge, England, once wrote that the subconscious mind is limited in what it can accomplish. He said that texts disprove the effectiveness of the so-called sleep-teaching systems.

He then drew his conclusion by saying: "it appears then that if you wish to learn, it is advisable to be conscious at then".

The More Important Aspect To Consider

So we ask, what exactly is the link or connection of such cassettes with hypnotism? This is an important aspect to consider. Surrendering one's mind and will to another person, in this case, the hypnotist, can be very dangerous. Since the answer to overcoming weaknesses does not lie in allowing our mind to be manipulated by music and the voice of an unknown people.

Where The Answer Lies

The fact is that the answer lies in our gaining the accurate knowledge of our maker, the creator. Following the leading of his spirit and his book. if not, one will be surrendering his mind and will to the evil spirit to be controlled.

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