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I know The Year Jesus Was Made King I Heaven.-Part 1

Was Christ Really Made King In Year 1914?

In fact, was Jesus really made king in heaven on 1914?

Jehovah;s Witnesses teaches from the bible that Jesus Christ was enthroned in heaven as king of God's kingdom in 1914. Many do not understand this bible teaching. Some think its a mystery. But through this article I will prove to you that Christ enthronement in 1914 is a biblical fact, a sacred secret of God not a falsehood nor mystery.

This is the continuation of the article titled The Last Days Enigma On 1914: A Mystery Or A Holy Secret? (please read first)

The following are the main points already considered.

The last days of any system of things (ages) is always before the destruction or the end of that system.

The first century Christians lived in the last days of Jerusalem's destruction which evidently began in 33 C.E (Joel 2:28-32. Acts 2:17)

Apostle Paul wrote to Timothy, where he made mention of "in the last days" while the last days of Jerusalem destruction had already begone, making his word to have a future implications. If he was not referring to a future last days, he should have said 'in this last days' instead of "in the last days" (2 Tim 3:1)

The length of the "last days" of this our system of things, corresponds to the length of the 'short period of time' left for Devil before he will be made inactive. Thus both started and will end at the same time period-Armageddon (Rev 12:9, 10, 12. 16:14-16)

To know when the "last days" or end time started, we have to first know when Satan was cast down to the earth and restricted from having access to heaven, thus the beginning of the short period of time.

Satan and his demons were hurled down to the earth at the same time period God's kingdom (the heavenly ruler ship) and the authority of his Christ ( Christ's enthronement) went into effect, thus the start of the Satan's short period of time.

Thus the "last days" began when Christ's authority as the king of God's kingdom in heaven began, that is when he was enthrone by God as the rightful king of that kingdom even as the angel have stated to merry in Luke 1:32-4.

Just as I said in that first article, I repeat again that am going to present to you the bible chronological calculation used by Jehovah's witnesses to arrive in year 1914 as the year Christ became king.

Second, I will then discourse the matter purely from the bible discarding any historic or chronological date, in other to prove to you that actually there is a pivotal, definite date in the bible when Chris was enthroned in heaven.

At the end you will be left with just two options; Either you accept that 1914 is scriptural as the date Christ was enthroned, or you tell us when it was.

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