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I Know The Year Jesus Was Made King. Part 2

Prophecies Pointing To Christ Ruler ship

Adam sinned, God promised a deliverer who will come to undo the effect of Adamic sin. (Genes 3:15)

. He will come through the linage of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (Genes 22:18: Numb 24:17,18: genes 17:19. Rom 9:7)

He will be a descendant of king David and will finally rule on the throne representing David in heaven forever- ps 89:3,4. Isai 9:6-9. Ps 72.

But when will he be given this kingship? The vision of king Nebuchadnezzar in Daniel 4 contains the answer. The vision of the immense tree involves Christ and when he will be given the kingdom of the world. The tree represents the SOVEREIGNTY OF GOD OVER THE EARTH as symbolized by the kingship of David in Israel. But when God allowed Nebuchadnezzar to destroy Jerusalem, the ruling power now rest on Nebuchadnezzar, but in the same vision, God promised that he is going to give the ruler ship to someone else who will represent him forever. Read Dan 4:17.

It Says: "To the intent that people living may know that the most high is RULER in the kingdom of mankind and.....he gives and set up over it the LOWLIEST ONE OF MANKIND".

So finally, God will set up over his kingdom the lowliest one of mankind- Christ. But when?

All the king who ruled in Judah of Jerusalem represents God and his ruler ship according to 2king 24:17. But God stopped choosing human king starting from the ruler ship of Zedekiah the last human king on David throne, God allowed Babylonians to conquer Israel, from that year on, there were no human king representing God again, UNTIL the legal one or Shiloh comes.

Till When Did Shiloh Come?
The same vision of Nebuchadnezzar hold the answer,.

God said that the tree will be cut down but it root will remain bond or restricted to grow. Because God used Nebuchadnezzar to destroyed the kingship of David in Israel, that is why the initial fulfillment of this prophecy applied to him. Thus, God said "LET SEVEN (7) TIMES PASS OVER IT".( Dan 4:16).

This "seven times" in case of Nebuchadnezzar represents just seven years of which his kingdom was interrupted, but since Nebuchadnezzar is not the lowliest one of which God promise he will give the kingdom of the world in verse 17, so the seven times is prophetic regarding when Christ will be given the kingdom after the seven times ends. We will have to learn how long this prophetic seven times is, when it begone and ended?

When it ended was when Christ was enthroned as the legal one to rule on the throne of David forever.

Before going ahead, let us summarize the major points already discoursed.

1. After Adamic sin, God promised a deliverer who will latter rule and undo all the effect of sin.
2. To understand when he will be given the kingship, we must understand Daniel 4. In that prophetic vision, God reiterated that he will set up the promised one over the kingdom of the world.
3. The tree in that vision represents God's eternal sovereignty over the earth which the kings in Israel symbolized. When God allowed Nebuchadnezzar to destroy Jerusalem, that world power was conferred on him, that is why the initial fulfillment applied to him.
4. After a prophetic Seven (7) Times passed, God will restore the ruler ship represented by the root of the tree. In the case of Nebuchadnezzar, it was a literal seven years but in the case of the promised one, the number is prophetic.
5. To know the year the promised one was given the kingdom by God, we have to know how long the Seven times is, when it began and when it ended.

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When Did The Seven Times Began?
The ruler ship in Israel,the means God used in punishing other nations was put to a stop when God allowed Nebuchadnezzar to destroyed Jerusalem. That was the year the tree in the vision regarding the throne of David was cut down. God now decree that no more human king on that throne until the promised one, Shiloh comes.

Read Ezekiel 21:25-7.

It Says " a ruin, a ruin, a ruin i shall make it (the throne of David), it will certainly becomes no one's until Shiloh comes, and i must give it to him". (NWT)

The seven times began when Nebuchadnezzar destroyed Israel and took them to Babylon for seventy years as decreed by Jehovah. And after the seventy years, they will return says Jerem29:10. and Dan 9:2.
History tells us that the Jews returned from Babylon on 537 B.C. That means seventy years back is on 607 B.C-that was the year Nebuchadnezzar destroyed the kingship of David in Israel. So that marks the beginning of the seven times that will pass before the kingship of David will be restored.

Note: Secular historian disagree on 607 being the year Jerusalem was destroy, instead putting it on 587 B.C. a 20 years different. Making the 70 years in Jerem. 29:10 a 50 years instead of 70. But the year 607 is calculated directly from the bible by summing the life age of bible character from Adam till the destruction of Jerusalem. So either the bible is wrong or the historians are wrong. But the bible can't be wrong, it is in harmony with accurate history.

So starting from 607 B.C, how long is the seven times?

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